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Get more human, use less resources

Hire a Kolective.

Do more with less overhead
Do more with less overhead.
Scale up or down depending on your needs
Multiple expanded people functions with a single team.
Average cost savings of 50k per 100 employees
Average cost savings of $50k per 100 employees.

What can a Kolective 
do for your business?

People and HR teams are notoriously difficult to optimize and hardly ever fun to manage. We know, because we've worked on and with them for far too long, so we've created a better way with Kolective. We do HR for you.

What is a Kolective?

A Kolective is a collaborative team, made up of strategic and administrative HR experts formed to operate and support your entire HR function. 

A Kolective replaces the need for an in-house HR team or drastically improves the horsepower of a small existing team so you can focus on growing your business.


We do HR for you.

- Best-in-class Strategic People Leaders
- Consistent POC for all needs
- Ability to ramp up & down as needed
- Admin capabilities always covered with no lift on your team

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Your Business

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Our Community

What can a Kolective
do for your business?



Community of hundreds of HR Consultants and future-forward People Ops professionals for a fraction of the price



Staffed on your projects by a Kolective Leader based on skill, ability, and fit for your projects or team needs



Allows deep expertise on even small projects (vs. generalists for all) by optimizing experience



Knowledge-sharing community for additional project and team support so we can always have your back

The HR Kolective network also becomes an extension of your team.

Build a team to match your needs

From the hardest and most strategic problems and projets to the regular and mundane, we can support your entire People and HR function or simply a piece. Kolective is a full-stack outsourced HR agency and we are here to serve your needs.

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HR Konsulting  & Strategy

Thought-leadership support and delivery from the best in People

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Kolective Payroll Logo
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Payroll Execution & Support

Monthly payroll execution and employee support and service 

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Admin Execution

It's not fun but you have

to get it right for everyone

Save Time, Money, and Headaches


Leverage our specialized network and community of best-in-class People leaders to get what you need done, and done faster.


Optimizing your HR team is hard as you grow. Teams wind up overworked or under-utilized. Let Kolective build the perfectly-optimized People function for your busines.


We only work with the best. Our Kolectives are built of People and HR leaders who actively seek a better way and want to change the way HR is viewed and utilized. No buzzkills here.

Companies are bad at HR...
Because it’s not what they do.

It’s what we do.

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